Our MacMillan Clan History & Origin

Our Clan is an ancient Clan & we can trace our history back well over 1,000 years to The Royal House of The Celtic Prince, Saint Columba. During the 6th Century our Family was Used By God to establish The 1st Christian Church in Scotland on The Isle Of Iona thereby establishing Christianity in Gaelic Scotland. Our Clan Progenitor was Gille Chriosd which means: “Disciple Of Christ”. He was the son of Cormac, The Bishop Of Dunkeld. Our Clan Name comes from The Gaelic Name: “Mac Mhaoilean” which means: “Son Of The Tonsured One”. This refers to The Celtic Priest practice of shaving the front ot the head as The Apostle John who walked with Jesus is depicted in ancient artworks.

In Knapdale there remains 2 enduring monuments: the first is a Round Tower in Castle Sween known as MacMillan Tower which is one of the oldest Castles in Scotland, the second is a Celtic Cross erected in the Churchyard at Kilmory. The MacMillan Cross is considered as one of the finest examples of Celtic Artwork in the world. On one side of The Cross a scene is depicted of The Clan Chief hunting deer for his own, & the other side of The Cross is a scene of Jesus On The Cross At Calvary with only 2 of His Followers at The Foot Of The Cross: Jesus’ Mother, Mary, & John The Apostle as Jesus Gave His Life To Redeem Lost Mankind To God.

Clan MacMillan played a prominent role in Scotland’s 14th Century War For Independence. We were always staunch supporters of Scots King, Robert The Bruce. MacMillans fought alongside The Bruce in the 1314 Battle Of Banbockburn which drove Edward I & The English out of Scotland & reestablished Scotland’s Independence. Over 4 Centuries later Clan MacMillan in 1745 joined The Jacobite Rebellion under The Banner of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Chief Of Clan MacMillan refused to support The Prince unless The House Of Stewart renounced The Catholic Faith. But,even so, The Chief’s 2 Sons persuaded much of The Clan to fight with The Bonnie Prince in The Battle Of Culledon in 1746. Both Sons were killed in this Battle while protecting The Prince & a Clansman. Hugh MacMillan guided Prince Charlie over the hills safely to Loch Karaig after this tragic defeat. Many of Clan MacMillan’s Jacobite Members surrendered to The Duke Of Cumberland who guaranteed protection, but instead they were sent to The Caribbean without charge or trial. Most of this number were never to see their homeland again. Despite this & all other attempts to wipe out Clan MacMillan, our Family continues to prosper & today our Clan Chief resides at Findlayson House in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Dennis Leading Parade Of Clans At Scottish Highland Games September 12, 2015 Nashville Tennessee